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1-31-07: I haven't updated in so, so, so long...a lot has happened! I got married, moved to the big city, and got me a real job! I am the proud mother of a cat, a dog, a rat, and seventeen mice (used to be 18...R.I.P. Teresa). I'm horribly embarassed of my website but still too busy/lazy to clean it up, plus I'm supposed to make a website for Mo's wedding! Eek! Thus, I reloaded Dreamweaver and, well, I got a lotta work to do and very little time to do it! So, sorry for the short update, but I must be off to work. Hopefully I will gradually refresh the content on this page and add some things of greater interest. Ta-ta for now!

3-27-06: Well, I made another Flash game. It's not exactly a game...it's a math quiz for kids. It works, though, and I made it! It's on the fun page!

Also, I found a cool Easter Egg in Flash MX 2004. Go to the About Flash page and click the small copyright sign next to the Flash logo. It's a great distraction when you are getting stressed out by code and need a break!

3-26-06: I'm on a roll today! I made another Flash game and added it to my fun page, an interactive story called The Secret Package. This one is slightly more interesting than my green grass program!

3-26-06: Well, I'm back to learning Flash again. I'm trying to teach myself to make Flash games, so I'll be testing out my subjects here. My first game is called Green Grass. It's so exciting, you could sit and play it for hours. Seriously. If you do, you are more easily amused than I am! As always, it's on the fun stuff page...

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