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three girls, questing for adventure, questing for life...

adventure quest is a free online roleplaying game with nifty graphics. it can be repetitious at times, but overall it's pretty fun. these are my three characters:

pic of tyrsiatyrsia started questing in the hopes of one day becoming a great mage. she learned a little magic and began questing for more. unfortunately, she lacks focus. one day, she found the death flail, a mighty weapon of dark powers. tyrsia with her death flailit's powers surged through her. she found herself falling in love with the darkness. soon she was seeking more dark weapons and spells: the dark energy scepter, dark lightning, and more. her latest discovery is that she can temporarily turn herself into a zombie at will, gaining regenerative powers and extra strength. nonetheless, she doesn't consider herself evil. she just uses the powers of darkness to defeat monsters who would try and kill her. what is wrong with that?


pic of charitycharity is a disciplined and focused paladin who started her quest as a young girl. orphaned at a young age, she was brought up by the church. she learned to harness the powers of light to defeat the dark creatures, charity's pixie, hopecharity's fuzlee, faith like those who had killed her parents. she swore to dedicate her life to the preservation of light and goodness and the protection of innocent citizens. she constantly quests onwards to fulfill her goal.

while she was still a girl she learned martial arts from a monk. she would defeat monsters with her double attack. soon after she met her friend and traveling companion, faith. faith was an affectionate fuzlee who proved to be a loyal fighting companion as well as friend. later on, charity's good heart earned her the affection of a pixie named hope. hope could heal charity when necessary, as well as fight for her. together, charity, hope and faith make a great team fighting onward for the good of mankind.

charity's latest aquisition is an ancient suit of samauri armor complete with katana. when she puts it on, she can feel the honorable spirit of the samauri who last wore this armor, willing her on to victory!


pic of tehlisstehliss in actiontehliss is a naiad gypsy, living a bohemian lifestyle and adventuring at will. she loves nothing more than to find a new quest, especially one that allows her to travel underwater or fight against the hated energy elementals. overall, tehliss just takes it easy and takes what comes to her. she prefers to focus on building up her natural defenses and skills, such as strength, luck, and endurance, rather than buying exotic weapons or armor. rumor has it that she's become rather chummy with sir lanceler, the town trainer.


PS I used png's for the pictures on this page. It's a way I found out to make nice transparency and keep my pics from getting pixellated and nasty the way they do when I convert them to gif's. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer doesn't seem to like png transparency. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Email me and let me know if you do!

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