who am i?

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that's a very good question! i've been trying to figure out the answer for years...

pic of tyrsia

i am tyrsia (pronounced TEER-see-uh). a name i created by randomly touching keys on the keyboard. a character i've reincarnated in stories and games. a group of nonsense syllables that have come to mean "me."

i am princess diamond of the twin planets, rainbow world and wonder world. i have come to earth to find brave souls willing to return to the sparkle sector and fight with me to free our captured soldiers from the evil queen mala.

i am tyrsia, half-elven princess of the physpra forest, defender of the fairies and friend to the water folk.

i am...i am...just me. i write. i dream. i think a lot. and i fail time and again. so it's easier to be tyrsia. it's more fun, more free, more false and yet...sometimes...just as true.

you want to know more? what, are you stalking me or something?

ooh i'm flattered! ok, here ya go...


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