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These are my babies!

Click on them to be taken to their individual pages. I've written stories for some of them! Click on the banner below the critters to be taken to the adoption agency where they were rescued from! My newer adoptees are at the bottom of this page! They don't have homepages yet, but they will! You just wait!

Oona Morpheaa

Oona, the guardian of cyclops, and
Morpheaa, the guardian of daydreams

Amanda's Page Guardians


Nadia Grennifer FreedomLally

Nadia, Grennifer, Freedom and Lally



Mimi, Simba and Ashley

madame alto's cat house

Cynthia, my blue butterfly pixie

Don, Aurora, Twila, Star and Sunshine
the fae family

Jack and Janie

Lycea the cyborg mermaid, Rosie the hobbit
and Melinda the fairy

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