the dreamfollow express

nadia, grennifer, freedom, and lally...a faster relay team doesn't exist in all of dreamfollow!

Nadia Grennifer FreedomLally

when a message has to get somewhere fast, the people of dreamfollow know who to call: the dreamfollow express! nadia the mermaid can swim faster than any fish in the sea, and will protect the message in her magical waterproof pouch. then she gives it to grennifer the dryad, who is waiting on shore. grennifer can navigate the forest by merely thinking about which tree she wants to go to. when she gets to the other side of the forest, she gives her message to freedom, the fastest pegasus in dreamfollow. freedom carries the message over the highest of mountains, and lands in the desert where she meets up with lally. lally the centaur is as fast of a runner as nadia is a swimmer. lally will carry the message across the desert in a heartbeat. between the four of them, the dreamfollow express can get your message where it needs to go, when it needs to get there!

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the text is Copyright © 2003 Rachel Jorgensen, but the pics aren't!