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random experiments...

you enter a room with bubbling test tubes, random bits of endless piping, and a strange blue smoke. shattered glass litters the floor, and you must avoid a nasty looking green puddle. tyrsia approaches, coughing. "excuse the the mess! you know, recent explosion and all...hey don't step in that! your shoes wouldn't like it very much."

"as you can see," she continues, "i'm in the process of cleaning up. not much to play with yet, but just wait! i'm going to make something spectacular soon! you'll see! you'll see!" she throws back her head and laughs maniacally, at the same time backing into some scary looking equipment and electrocuting herself. bzzzzzzt! she steps away from the machine, eyes wide, hair sticking strait out from her head. "i'm okay," she says in a squeaky voice, "don't worry about me! i just need to...wait! that's it! i've got it!" she runs away, leaving you to peruse the lab at your leisure.

in front of you is a row of test tubes with various labels. dare you drink a potion?

[grrl] [mad] [adventure quest] [hampster] [rgj] [snowflake] [resignation] [cartoon] [organize] [dice] [grass] [package] [math]

beyond that you see a computer with a curious homepage up. tyrsia's creative webpage...wonder what that could be? a note on the computer reads: "redesign this using only CSS. -tyrsia" did she write the note to herself? or was she perhaps expecting you to help her out a little?

[take a closer look] [look at the code without any geocities crap on it] [e-mail tyrsia your redesign]

check tyrsia's computer to see how far she's gotten on the redesign:

[version 1] <--updated! [version 2] [version 3] [version 4] <--now with working buttons!

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