The Hampster Chronicles

Here is chronicled the life journey of Rachel's hampster.

A closeup of Squishy.

The First Few Weeks

I decided to buy myself a hampster because I missed my cat so badly. I wanted a pet of some kind. So I got a cute little girl hampster with white fur, pink eyes, and grey ears. On the way home from the pet store, she escaped from her box by chewing through it, but I had the box inside the cage so she was allright.

When I got her home and set up her cage, she ignored the little plastic house that was there for her and made her nest in the corner. She wouldn't let me hold her at all, but would start squealing if I tried. I gave her food in her dish and she took it all down to her little nest and hoarded it. Her water bottle wouldn't hold water either.

In the next few days, I managed to get her water bottle working. She still hoarded her food. When I cleaned her cage out the first time and her nest was all gone, she made her new nest in her house, like a good girl. I offered her food and she would take it from my hand, but then she would try to bite me. Not hard, just like she was testing to see if my finger was chewable.

One day, she actually crawled onto my hand for a second to get food! When I give her food, she stuffs it in her cheeks and takes it into her house. Once, she stuffed an entire peanut into her cheek! It looked really funny!

Squishy with a peanut in her cheek.
Squishy with a peanut in her cheek

Once, when I was about to clean her cage, she actually let me pick her up and pet her for a minute before I put her into her hampster ball. She seems to enjoy her hampster ball. It said on the package that it would glow in the dark, but it doesn't. Oh well.

I seem to be taming my hampster slowly. She realizes that when I stick my hand in the cage it means food, but she is still a little afraid of me. I still can't get her to quit biting, either. Oh well, patience and time will help, I am sure.

Squishy exiting her house. Monday, February 11, 2002

My hampster decided to move her house today. She stuffed a bunch of bedding in one cheek. It looked really funny! Then she took it down to the corner. Then she stuffed some more bedding and food in her cheek and moved it down to the corner. Boy, will she be disappointed when I clean her cage again!

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Very cute Squishy in her wheel. Well, Squishy's been through a lot lately. She moved back into her house now, and has a nice little nest there. She still hoards all her food. She loves running in her wheel, especially when the noise would disturb me, like those scant precious hours that I try to sleep. She also loves it when I take her out and play with her. She's found a way to escape off the desk down to the floor, so I have to watch her carefully. She likes to explore, and she got herself into a mess one day. (Check out hampster fun for something really cute!) She also likes games like stuff the hampster, where we feed her food and she stuffs it into her cheeks until they are full and funny looking. Silly hampster. She likes running around in her hampster ball too. Wouldn't she make a great cat toy?

Runaway rodent!
Squishy Laura escapes once again!

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