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<p>hello, and welcome to tyrsia's creative webpage. here you will find my writings, thoughts, and things that i think are nifty. enjoy!</p>
<p>questions? comments? bug reports? praise? <a href="mailto:tyrsia@hotmail.com">tyrsia@hotmail.com</a></p>

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<h3 class="highlight">recent news</h3>

<p><strong class="highlight">7-23-04:</strong> my b-day party is tomorrow!!!! eeeeeeee! i'm excited!!!!! well, i've updated fun stuff with a sort of contest thingie. i'm trying to redesign my webpage again...so....i put a bare bones version of my front page up in my fun stuff section. what i'm looking for is a style sheet to go with it and turn it into something cute! wanna try? go check out the code! see if you can come up with something before i do! </p>

<p><strong class="highlight">7-12-04:</strong> my birthday's coming up soooon! july 29th! i'm gonna have a water fight party, i think! for my birthday i want <a href="http://www.glasshammer.com/">glass hammer cds</a>, the sims <a href="http://www.eagames.com/redesign/editorial.jsp?src=sims_b1g1">superstar &amp; makin' magic</a>, <a href="http://www.barbiecollector.com/showcase/product.asp?type=&amp;subtype=&amp;product_id=125000&amp;series_id=150155">legends of ireland bard barbie</a>, <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000002J1M/qid=1089647143/sr=2-2/ref=sr_2_2/103-2222431-4261436">genesis: foxtrot</a>, <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000002UAX/qid=1089647253/sr=2-1/ref=sr_2_1/103-2222431-4261436">the white album</a>, <a href="http://www.barbiecollector.com/shop/product.aspx?product_id=60452&amp;shelfid=150011">princess of the vikings barbie</a>, <a href="http://secure.white-wolf.com/catalog/default.tpl?point=20008">fae: dark ages</a>, some <a href="http://www.dacardworld.com/gaming/item.das?sku=BVVK0RCV42&amp;nPar=2">Legions booster packs</a>, <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000C8RM3/qid=1089645230/br=1-5/ref=br_lf_t_5//103-2222431-4261436?v=glance&amp;s=toys&amp;n=171473">fairytopia purple fairy barbie</a>, the <a href="http://keenswag.com/">Sore Thumbs free-comic-day comic book</a> (that i missed cuz of my stupid car breaking down!!!! arghh!!!), swimming goggles, <a href="http://www.foottraffic.com/catalog4.html">fun socks</a>, and a <a href="http://www.pcstuff.philips.com/flat-screen-monitor.html">thin flat screen monitor</a>. (okay, so the last one's pushing it a bit...i can dream!)</p>

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<p><a href="../bio.html"><img src="../graphics/tyrsia_drawing.gif" alt=" " width="120" height="116" />who am i? </a>a hippiefied medeival faerie prog rocker princess... find out more about me!</p>

<p><a href="../writings.html"><img src="../graphics/AM-thaliaa.gif" alt=" " width="128" height="120" /></a><a href="../writings.html">writings</a> i like to write poems, stories and plays...here are a few for you to peruse!</p>

<p><a href="../fun.html"><img src="../graphics/chemist_clr.gif" alt=" " width="119" height="109" />fun stuff</a> as i learn more about the web, i'm always tinkering. here are some of my experiments...</p>

<p><a href="../links.html"><img src="../graphics/slave.gif" alt=" " width="91" height="100" /></a><a href="../links.html">links</a> see some of my other web pages, my friends' webpages and some of my favorite sites on the net!</p>

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<p><a href="../jesus.html"><img src="../graphics/cross-daisies.gif" alt=" " />Jesus is awesome!</a> He is my Lord and Savior! I couldn't do anything without Him.</p>

<p><a href="../critters.html"><img src="../graphics/belle_bear.gif" alt=" " />critters</a> i just can't leave a cybercritter to the wilds of the net! so i've adopted bunches...come and visit them! some are even interactive...</p>

<p><a href="../feedback.html"><img src="../graphics/rainbow_fae.gif" alt=" " /></a><a href="../feedback.html">feedback</a> take my silly survey, sign my guestbook, or just send me a note to say &quot;hi!&quot;</p>

<p><table><tr><td height="33" align="right"><a href="http://books.dreambook.com/tyrsia/tyrsia.html">read</a> my dreambook!<br /><a href="http://books.dreambook.com/tyrsia/tyrsia.sign.html">sign</a> my dreambook!</td><td><a target="_top" href="http://www.dreambook.com"><img
src="http://buttons.dreambook.com/dbnow.gif" width="88" height="31"
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