hello, and welcome to tyrsia's creative webpage. here you will find my writings, thoughts, and things that i think are nifty. enjoy!

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7-23-04: my b-day party is tomorrow!!!! eeeeeeee! i'm excited!!!!! well, i've updated fun stuff with a sort of contest thingie. i'm trying to redesign my webpage again...so....i put a bare bones version of my front page up in my fun stuff section. what i'm looking for is a style sheet to go with it and turn it into something cute! wanna try? go check out the code! see if you can come up with something before i do!

7-12-04: my birthday's coming up soooon! july 29th! i'm gonna have a water fight party, i think! for my birthday i want glass hammer cds, the sims superstar & makin' magic, legends of ireland bard barbie, genesis: foxtrot, the white album, princess of the vikings barbie, fae: dark ages, some Legions booster packs, fairytopia purple fairy barbie, the Sore Thumbs free-comic-day comic book (that i missed cuz of my stupid car breaking down!!!! arghh!!!), swimming goggles, fun socks, and a thin flat screen monitor. (okay, so the last one's pushing it a bit...i can dream!)

 who am i? a hippiefied medeival faerie prog rocker princess... find out more about me!

 writings i like to write poems, stories and plays...here are a few for you to peruse!

 fun stuff as i learn more about the web, i'm always tinkering. here are some of my experiments...

 links see some of my other web pages, my friends' webpages and some of my favorite sites on the net!

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